Vertical and horizontal blinds



  • Available in two widths: 89 mm or 127 mm
  • Rich color palette
  • Depending on the degree of color saturation, they diffuse sunlight, creating a pleasant impression in the rooms
  • Possibility of light angle adjustment
  • Non-flammable or hygienic certificates
  • They are perfect as partitions in large and high rooms
  • Can be installed in inclined recess
  • Possibility of installing the cassette to cover the rails


Wooden shutters

  • natural beauty thanks to the multitude of shades, an in-depth play of colors, natural discolorations and rings
  • the ability to precisely adjust the direction of incoming light
  • leaf width: 25 or 50 mm
  • min. width 50 cm, min. height 50 cm
  • max. width 240 cm, max. height 300 cm
  • control by means of strings or knob and strings
  • the possibility of mounting both in the recess and in the window recess
  • option to use bottom hooks or cable guides (keeping the blinds against the glass in tilt windows)
  • We also offer bamboo blinds, which, thanks to their greater resistance, can also be used in kitchens and bathrooms