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Initially, we specialized in the production of vertical blinds and thanks to them we have built a high position and reputation on the local market. The constant diversification of the assortment and the introduction of new products made us quickly achieve the status of a leader in the industry. (MORE) In the following years, fabric roller blinds, external roller blinds and mosquito nets were introduced to the offer, and the office part was enriched with a dynamically operating export department. Our products are sold to 26 European countries. The breakthrough in development turned out to be the introduction to mass production of terrace, balcony and basket awnings. Since 2000, we have been one of the most developing companies in the shielding industry.
In response to the needs of the market, in 2002 an investment department was established in the company, which has been successfully cooperating with architects and carrying out significant investments throughout the country and abroad.
The most important investment projects in recent years include:
- Business Garden Poznań, a total of 3 roller blinds (600 facade ZIP and 1 internal)
- Business Garden Wrocław, a total of 12 roller shutters (553 facade ZIP shutters, 4 facade KAK shutters and 102 internal shutters)
- Giant Poznań (700 pcs of internal blinds)
- Garbary Business Center Poznań (978 pieces of facade blinds)
- Zebra Tower Warszawa (1 193 vertical blinds)
- Qubix Czech Republic (523 fabric roller blinds)
- Vestnes Ocean Norway (740 fabric blinds)
As customer satisfaction consists not only of a high-quality product, but also its proper installation, for 10 years we have been involved in conducting training projects aimed at educating professional staff of window blinds installers. Annually, our company trains 130 companies both from Poland and abroad.
Our story
We are a leading producer of window blinds in Central Europe. We started our activity in 1991 in Poland in Poznań. Currently, it covers an area of ​​2 566 m² with a production hall, warehouse and office space.
Currently, we offer the following products, available both in the finished product and systems (components):
Pergolas - a relatively young product in our offer. Its premiere took place in 2018. At the moment, we offer a pergola in two variants: wall-mounted and roof-mounted. Due to the high quality of the finish and the relatively low price compared to our competitors' products, we quickly became significant players on the market.
Awnings - the company's key product. The offer includes: patio, balcony and basket awnings - 23 models, in 5 construction colors and over 120 fabric patterns. The collection of awning fabrics is updated every year in line with the trends prevailing on the European market. The ADAGIO half-cassette awning is the biggest hit among awnings.
Mosquito nets - a group of products strongly developed and improved by us. The offer includes both window and door mosquito nets. We are able to satisfy every group of recipients, from the so-called economical to exclusive and the most demanding.
Textile roller shutters (mainly facade) - the offer includes several systems, differing in the diameter of the roller tube and the maximum dimensions, as well as in the use and system of guides. The next group are large-size roller shutters, which are used primarily to cover large glass surfaces. They can be used both inside and outside the room. They have the option of electric and manual drive. They belong to the group of free-hanging roller blinds and roller blinds with side running. Our offer also includes roller shutters for winter gardens and roof windows.
What we do?
We don't just focus on one product. In response to the market demand, we are constantly expanding our business. We have a research and development department that constantly improves existing products and looks for modern solutions. This department consists of qualified people with extensive professional experience and extensive technical knowledge.
Why us?
We approach each order individually with attention to every detail. The client is not a bar in the sales chart for us, but a partner. We do not create artificial barriers. We receive calls from you at any time, advise and train.
What makes us stand out?
Since 2000, MOL has been expanding its sales markets by new countries. Currently, components for the production of verticals, roller shutters, mosquito nets and awnings are exported to 22 European countries.

Our company is made up of exceptional people - professionals who know their job very well. It is thanks to their commitment that we continue to improve the quality of services and products and earn your trust.